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He was born in Caracas in 1961. From an early age he felt a desire to express themselves through drawing and painting. However, having not sufficient financial resources he kept it as a pending task, until the mid- 90s began to develop an interest in art, through extensive research of the works about the great masters of painting, optical geometric trend basically. Moreover based on the geometric abstraction he started making spontaneous paintings with the freedom to choose and combine his palette. The desire of the artist consist in creating and innovating in each sample, being free to interpret his visions, colors, lights and forms, transforming the space he develops. 


His plastic has been defined under a constructive approach, gathering techniques that emphasize textures, a diversity of building materials and reinforce the interaction of colors towards a relentless pursuit of the idea. In this sense the expression has no limits, because despite the obstacles, this profession has allowed him to achieve a balance where the positive prevails.

His preparation has allowed diversity and creation; he keeps a kinetic optical discourse, where the shape and color take a dominant role in the composition. This implies a systematic and rational work of strong visual impact. These paintings don’t seek to express an eventual plot, but the viewer would interpret the content in a different way. Under this latest trend the artist has developed a work with double set of perception, movement and vibration of the composition.

Furthermore his work has developed with a contemporary approach, influenced by the design and architecture. The passion and the effort is his source of inspiration, under that instinct can imagine the impossible, make it a reality and transform the space. He has special attention to details, being diligent and patient and organizing color areas, where perception and imagination reconstruct reality in a positive and constructive manner.

The artist believes that color is a subjective experience that depends on three key factors: light, object and observer. Looking in his compositions the viewer is attracted with great force by that energy. He believes that art can come into contact with other consciousness using different media and materials, creating optical illusions like motion.



Wuilfredo Soto is a virtuoso in reconciling opposites. On one side is Administrator by profession with Masters in Business Administration, so it is familiar with the numbers, in order, with the systematic work man. On the other hand, is a self-taught artist who decided to take this other facet of his life with absolute seriousness and desire for exploration.

Art and the numbers appear to be two decoupled realities but that is a false preconception. Art is not just intuition and passion. It is also a rational activity, subject to a process of systematization in the order that prevails especially when working with geometry.

This occurs in the work of Wuilfredo. Reconciles passion and rationality. Management and freedom of expression.

You can conceive of paintings inspired by the comics following scenes and Pop style, however, develop a deep optical parallel investigation when running its abstract-kinetic work. However, these two radically different artistic trends there is a common theme: the color.

The kinetic work comprises two-dimensional works and reliefs (D parts). In both modes the artist based his speech on proven alternating shapes and color. For two-dimensional pieces playing with optical illusions with particularity, as did Victor Vasarely, mastering geometry so deeply that it is able to create illusion of volume and depth.

Both two-dimensional pieces such as the reliefs are conceived in the first instance with digital resources such as Illustrator and Photoshop. Then reproduced in silkscreen on vinyl in high resolution, many of which used to trim and reliefs currently being developed. For these, Wuilfredo works on the basis of MDF gluing the protruding parts on the base, are each tapped with paint or vinyl trimming. The materials vary according to the requirements of the works. Wuilfredo has an advantage: it has the facility to constantly investigate new building materials which because of their managerial work, you are familiar with the architecture and interior design. These materials are used in its plastic work and its use varies according to the objectives.

In the reliefs, directionality and resizing of the main aspects and alternating colors (or use black and white as proven in the case of pieces in which prevails the relationship of positive and negative), create the sought kinetic effect: dynamics and vibration. This in turn generates a feeling of instability when the visual forms are vibrating in the retina of the viewer.

In all kinetic works deprived Wuilfredo a compositional and structural sense. The shape and color of the dominant lead in the composition. This implies a systematic and rational work strong visual impact. The latter is achieved precisely by choosing and combining each color. It is the way it has Wuilfredo to take their freedom of choice and expression certainly. Hence, the colors you use are so vivid, high degree of saturation and brightness.

The alternation, the size of the elements of each modular structure, the ability to combinatorics, and of course the space domain, involve work and a thorough knowledge of geometry. Thanks to her, Wuilfredo Soto creates both optical and motion illusions. It is a way to alter the perception of space and reality.


Susana Benko

Art Curator and Researcher

Member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA - Venezuela)

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